Submit your design project to the CIF Schools Challenge 2022 by March 1

by | Feb 24, 2022

In partnership with Sherry FitzGerald


There has never been a more exciting time to work in the construction industry as it can offer an exciting career in many varied roles. Everywhere you look – the construction industry has designed and built all that you see; the hospital you were born in, the house you live in, the roads you travel on, your school, shops, and other key life enhancing ‘built’ infrastructure.

All this has been designed, engineered and constructed by people like you. Life as we know it would not exist without the people who create our built environment – all the things that are constructed by people that make our lives better. Now it’s your turn to make the future a better place!

We know that we need to build a lot more homes – houses and apartments, for our community. We are inviting students to plan, design and market a new residential development that is environmentally friendly and designed to enhance the wellbeing of your community.

Here’s the challenge for you! Can you rise to the challenge and design a development in your community that meets this brief?

The design brief

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF), in partnership with Sherry FitzGerald, are challenging you and your team, to design a residential development (a development of houses or apartments – you decide), in an urban or rural setting (you decide), that meets the following design criteria:

• Has a positive impact on the environment
• Considers climate change by minimising greenhouse gas emissions
• Enhances your locality and community
• Provides a healthy environment for its occupants

Key points to address in your entry:

• Site selection and building layout
• Use of sustainable materials in its construction
• Innovation in construction techniques. (For example: off-site construction techniques)
• Alternative energy sources (solar, wind etc.)
• Energy efficient heating systems
• Interior design
• Landscape design for enhancement of the development
• Marketing the development to potential customers

Your team should deliver the following to enter:

• Produce a clear and concise written project report
• Describe your construction project team and their role and responsibilities
• Describe how your design has met the brief
• Create a series of drawings outlining your proposal to include site plan, elevations and floor plans, interior design and landscaping
• Develop a digital or physical scale model
• Create a marketing plan outlining how you will promote the properties to potential buyers using traditional and social media
• Submit a short video outlining your team and your design

How to enter:

See for full details. If you have any queries about the challenge we are here to help, email us on [email protected] or [email protected]

Support from Autodesk

This year the CIF Schools Challenge has teamed up with Autodesk (and their partners Diatec) – a global leader in design and make technology with expertise in architecture, engineering and construction – to offer teams access to design software and a collaborative digital work environment to allow team members to work together to create their designs.

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