Starting the diversity conversation in the latest issue of the CIF Construction magazine – out now

by | Oct 4, 2022

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are the central themes for the latest edition of the CIF’s Construction magazine.

Earlier this year, the CIF launched its new monthly webinar series to shed a light on the people who champion and embody equality, and inclusion within the construction industry. Inspired by Gillian Murtagh, chair of the CIF’s Digital Communications Sub-committee, and produced by Communications Executive Jennifer Nisbet-Daly (both steadfast women contributing greatly to the industry in their respective roles) the In Conversation With… series features an inspiring EDI hero who reinforces the idea that if you can see it, you can be it.

In recent years, the CIF has made a major push forward in this area, kick-started in earnest by a report it commissioned in 2018, aptly entitled Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Construction Industry. That research, carried out in partnership with the Irish Centre for Diversity, has since helped motivate many member companies to include and embed EDI practices in their policies and workplace cultures.

This autumn’s CIF Annual Conference, the first time the event has taken place in person since the start of the Covid pandemic, is another testament to the vast array of people and perspectives existing within the construction sector and highlighted by this year’s impressive list of speakers. You can find out more about the event from page 31.

Welcoming a mix of opinions, experiences and viewpoints into all aspects of the industry, both on and off-site, is the only way to ensure it can remain resilient to the challenges it faces and will likely continue to face in an ever-evolving world. We hope you enjoy this latest
edition of Construction magazine and our focus on EDI as a cornerstone for future prosperity in business and life.

Read the latest edition here:

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