How to build and deliver homes in the latest issue of the CIF Construction magazine – out now

by | Apr 4, 2022

This month’s edition of Construction Magazine offers an authoritative and in-depth look at the home building sector in Ireland featuring expert voices and viewpoints from the people who help deliver housing for those who have made this island their place to live, work and play.

The April issue is published in conjunction with the Irish Home Builders Association (IHBA) Summit taking place in Croke Park on April 5.

This year’s theme is Delivering New Homes: Opportunities and Challenges for Ireland’s New Strategy for Housing.

John O’Connor, Chair of the newly-established Housing Commission, speaks exclusively to our reporter Aidan Priestley about the need to create a proper level of housing supply and why maintaining that supply is crucial to avoiding the boom-and-bust cycle.

He also points towards Austria as a model worth emulating to provide Ireland with a sustainable and affordable system to rent and to buy.

Government Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien delves into Housing for All, while we take a deep dive into the world of modular building with Liden Designs co-founder Dan O’Brien.

We also feature the latest Home Builders Supplies Guide featuring service and supply providers to the construction industry and homebuilding sector.

All this, plus a review of the National Retrofitting Scheme, planning law and policy and the rise of the smart home and city. Despite the need for obvious and urgent change to aspects of home building in Ireland, there is also much to celebrate and enjoy in the dwellings we call home.

Read the latest issue here:

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