Curtain call: Ballyfermot Training Centre course helping to develop construction skills and knowledge

by | Sep 6, 2022

Curtain walling is increasingly seen as an attractive option for many projects for a host of reasons, from cost and aesthetics to sustainability.

By using properly treated and glazed glass, curtain wall systems can reduce the amount of heat lost or gained by a building. Better thermal efficiency can lead to reduced energy consumption in a building.

The Ballyfermot Training Centre Certificate in Curtain Wall & Glazing Installer course is for learners to develop skills, knowledge and competencies in a broad range of construction activities related to the installation of Glazed Curtain Walling systems.

To demonstrate, practically, just how the lessons apply to the industry a site visit was organised this summer by Gunn Lennon, facilitated by main contractor JJ Rhatigan & Company, on a commercial project near Portobello Dublin, pictured below.

“The purpose of the course is to take people already in construction and improve their skill set and introduce them, through project work, the basics of curtain walling,” says Course Leader Andrew Keegan.

“It’s a 10-week course with the possibility of interviews with employers in the sector allowing us to facilitate our learners to enter this specialised part of the construction sector.”

He adds: “It also includes maths, drawing and Computer Aided Design along with curtain walling projects using most of the tools associated with the sector, preparing, as much as we can, our candidates with the basic knowledge to comfortably start with key employers in the Curtain Walling Sector.”

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