CIF EDI Webinar: Small changes to make a big difference

by | Sep 4, 2022

In conversation with … Torunn Dahl, Head of Talent, Learning and Inclusion at Deloitte

When it comes to starting your EDI journey, small changes can make a very big difference, says Torunn Dahl, Head of Talent, Learning and Inclusion at Deloitte. Dahl is this month’s CIF EDI In Conversation with … guest having led the implementation of Deloitte’s inclusion strategy over the past five years.

She has had a varied international career spanning finance and HR, as well as consultancy across the private, public and charity sectors. Sharing stories is a great way to help create a culture that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion. “Story telling is so powerful,” she says.

“In the construction industry safety has a massive value and something all organisations would be very focussed on. Having worked in the oil industry where safety was key, every meeting started with someone sharing some sort of safety message, often through the means of a story that reminded us why safety is important.

“It’s very similar with inclusion,” she adds. “Think about how to start your daily briefing … with something that happened on the way to work, or in a conversation at home, that made you think about inclusion. Just sharing that little moment … you’re starting to drop it into everybody’s mind, and then you can back it up afterwards. I think that really makes a difference.”

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EDI lunchtime webinar series

Over the next decade, the construction industry needs to ensure it can attract and retain talent to meet current and future skills demands. The CIF believes the construction sector is one of the most diverse but the retention of people and expansion of talent are critical to industry growth.

To champion this EDI conversation, the CIF has created a lunchtime series where the CIF team speak with a wide range of individuals from within business, policy and governance about their challenges, opportunities and ultimately their stories.

Episode 6
In conversation with Torunn Dahl
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